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  • Extra Easy Application - Flawless Blending - While It Can Take A While To Get Used To Using A Silicone Applicator, Once You Do, You'Ll Never Go Back To A Sponge! Our Silicone Sponge Will Make Your Makeup Look Smooth And Perfectly Blended, Every Time.
  • The Smooth Surface Makes It Ideal For All Kinds Of Creams, Foundation, Blush, Concealer And More! With Our Sponge, You Can Apply Your Foundation Way More Economically So You Look Better And Spend Less;No Smudging And Fast, Easy Cleaning - Unlike A Traditional Sponge, You Won'T End Up With Leftover Makeup On Your Hands And Clothes, Smudging And Making A Mess.
  • Not Only That, Because It'S Silicone, You Can Easily Clean It With Soap And Water In Just Seconds.10X Cleaner And More Hygenic Than A Sponge - The Average Blending Sponge Is A Microcosm For Nasty Germs And Bacteria And Can Really Be Disgusting. They Collect Dead Skin Cells And Foster Horrible Bacteria, Just Like Kitchen Sponges And Loofahs. Luckily, When You Use A Silicone Sponge, You Can Forget About Germs Because The Material Is Antibacterial And You Can Keep It 100% Clean At All Times
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