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Enhance curl & coil definition: we simply can’ T hide our excitement when it comes to our very popular defining Crè Me gel because it does exactly what it says… defines… and we’ re talking the type of curl popping definition and immense shine that will make you an instant curl crush! Our botanical rich, creamy lightweight gel packs the 2-N-1 benefits of the moisture delivered by a Crè Me and the strong holding properties given from a gel without flaking and dryness. Our new and improved formula now includes almond & Avocado extracts for increased moisture and hydration.
natural ingredients: created with olive, jojoba, and avocado oils to provide moisture, radiant shine, and an amazing scent. These natural ingredients and botanicals combined strengthens the hair by infusing exceptional moisture to shield your tresses from environmental damages – leaving every strand stronger and more silicone –- no parabens – no Paraffin – no petrolatum – no mineral oil
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