SS Cream Peroxide Developer - 30 Vol - 16 OZ

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Super Star Cream Peroxide Developer will not run or drip. Highlighting/dimensional haircoloring is done faster easier and more precisely. It can also be substituted for liquid peroxide with gel consistency. What it does: Bleaches and lift colors in hair to make it the color needed. What else you need to know: When loosening cap point away from face. Store in a cool dark place with cap tightened. To prevent internal pressure which may cause the container to burst avoid contamination and heat. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep container closed when not in use. Avoid long exposure to skin. Water/Eau (aqua) hydrogen peroxide cetearyl alcohol ceteareth-20 stearic acid cetyl alcohol phosphoric acid.Follow color manufacturer s mixing directions. For consistency mix thoroughly for approximately 30 seconds. Mixture is then ready for application
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