Dark/Lovely Healthy Gloss 5 Moisture Conditioner 13.5 Oz

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About the product

This classic Dark & Lovely Healthy Gloss 5 No-Lye relaxer got a makeover! New look, new name and as nourishing as ever.


Brand: Soft-Sheen Carson

Hair Type: Coarse

Item Weight: 13. 5 Fluid ounces

Product Benefits: Shining, Nourishing, Smoothening

Item Form: Oil




The Dark & Lovely Healthy-Gloss 5 No-Lye relaxer has been updated! New appearance, new name, same great nutrition. Discover the new generation of healthy relaxation. While you rest, our components are specially created to maintain the five indicators of healthy hair and more. New moisturizing properties have been added to Dark & Lovely Healthy-Gloss Relaxer.


This relaxer hydrates and smoothes each hair follicle, resulting in a fuller, healthier appearance. When you use this relaxer on your hair, it softens as it works, leaving your hair silky and smooth. The Healthy-Gloss recipe, which is enriched with Shea Butter, makes this product gentler than similar products.




  • Always read the whole product labels and instructions before using it.


Features and Details


No-Lye Relaxer from Shea Moisture: This Relaxer kit is the newest generation in healthy relaxation, preserving the five indications of healthy hair: moisture, shine, strength, softness, and body. For fine to medium hair types.


Straight, Sleek and Shiny Hair: Healthy-Gloss 5 Moisture Conditioner, Healthy-Gloss 5 Moisture Hair Crème, and our proprietary Silk Keratin Serum for softness and body are now included.


Styling Supplies: Moisture-sealing gels and leave-in sprays, rejuvenating oils, pomades, creams, butter, and protective edge savers are among the items we produce for curly hair.


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