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Maintain scalp moisture: if you’re currently dealing with the frustrations of dry scalp…the itching…the flaking…and sometimes even the unavoidable pain – We recommend trying design essential herbal complex 4 hair and scalp treatment! Our herbal complex 4 is a lightweight compound of four essential herbs - Black Indian Hemp, Ginseng, horsetail and rosemary – used to moisturize the hair and alleviate dry scalp. Also, infused with Mink oil and jojoba oil, herbal complex 4 proves to moisturize the scalp to lessen dryness and itching due to dry scalp, while leaving hair bouncy and silky with a luminous healthy shine.

excellent thermal Protectant: not only can Design Essentials Herbal complex 4 be used as a scalp treatment, but due to its lightweight, non-greasy formula, don't hesitate to use it to protect your strands from thermal styling tools. Here’s how – on dry hair, Apply an ample amount of herbal complex 4 to small sections. Proceed to thermal style (flat iron, press, or curl). Style as desired.
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