Kiss i.ENVY Beautiful Brow Kit

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  • Kiss i.ENVY Beautiful Brow Kit

    With this ultimate brow bar, now you have well-groomed brows and a more polished look!

    This kit includes:

    • Eyebrow palette with 2 brow powders, 1 highlighter and 1 wax
    • Spoolie brush & 2-way applicator
    • Eyebrow stencils
    • Eyebrow Razor to trim unwanted hair with exacting precision.


    1. Select your brow color. Hold stencil up to brow and fill in color using upward strokes.
    2. Use wax to groom unruly brows and achieve a lustrous finish.
    3. Apply highlighter on the brow bone to lift and brighten entire eye area.
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