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KISS i ENVY Iconic 3D Angle & Volume Lightweight Eyelashes

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  • KISS i ENVY Iconic 3D Angle & Volume Lightweight Eyelashes

    iENVY by Kiss is launching a very special collection dedicated to fashion-forward lash lovers. The brand-new Iconic Collection has been designed around three of today’s hottest makeup trends, and our lash experts and makeup artists have teamed up to create four stunning styles for each. With 3D Angle and Volume Technology that perfectly sets off each look, the results are a stylish treat for every makeup lover no matter what the occasion.

    Glam Icon Dedicated to fashion-forward lash lovers, Glam Icon lashes are designed to give a little extra edge when the moment calls for shimmery and glittery makeup.
    Natural Icon Dedicated to fashion-forward lash lovers, Natural Icon lashes are a classic style that make the perfect pairing for your everyday, pastel and even bare-eye looks.
    Chic Icon Dedicated to fashion-forward lash lovers, our Chic Icon lashes are made to complement cat eye or smoky eye styles. Their unique spiky design is crafted to up the intensity and bring out the chic in any dramatic eye look.


    1. Lay lash on top of your natural lash. Check fit if needed.
    2. Apply eyelash adhesive along lash band; wait 30 seconds for adhesive to get tacky.
    3. Once tacky, apply lash along natural lash line. Hold allowing adhesive to dry completely.
    • To Clean lashes
      Gently peel off lash strip, starting at the outer corner of your eye. Remove the strip of dried adhesive with a pair of tweezers. Lay the lashes on a tissue and use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to rub the lashes from root to tip until they are completely clean. Place the clean lashes back onto the tray for future use.
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