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  • REUSABLE & DURABLE: Holds in place with magnetic locks for a long-lasting hold that can easily be reused without repeated purchases.
  • COSMETIC GRADE MAGNETS: Dermatologist-tested for safe and wind-resistant wear. These lashes and liner formula are made from the industry's cutting-edge technology with latest trends in mind.
  • EASY TO USE: No more messy glue or eyeliner smudges. Simply apply the liner with its precision fine tip and attach the lashes for an instant lock. There's never been an easier way to wear eyelashes!
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: This kit was designed with utmost ease as its top priority. Inside each kit contains an ergonomically designed tray, three eyelash styles neatly packages for convenient use, a magnetic liner with a precision fine tip, and an elegant tweezer for easy eyelash application.
  • NATURALLY UNIQUE: With a liner formula crafted with biotin and a variety of eyelash styles, these kits provide a health-conscious and naturally-inspiring look for any occasion. These kits prove that it truly is possible to look and feel your best!
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