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Contains no Sodium Hydroxide (lye). Contains no thioglycolic acid (perm solution). No protective base for scalp required. One formula for all hair types and textures. May be reapplied as often as desired. Repeat applications over previously straightened hair makes hair smoother and more manageable

New Era 2000 Acid Balanced Clear Gel Hair Relaxer is a mild and gentle clear gel which will safely and permanently smooth curl out of naturally curly hair. This unique formula contains none of the harsh, irritating chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide (lye), found in traditional relaxers. Both the relaxer and fixative are clear, mild, fragrant gels. The relaxing gel is gentle to hair and scalp because it is acid balanced, with a pH of 6.0 One formula is all that is necessary for all hair types, from normal virgin hair to permanently color treated (not bleached), and from coarse, wiry, extremely curly hair to naturally wavy hair. There is never any danger of burning or blistering when the gel comes in contact with the scalp. As a result, hair can be safely relaxed all the way down to the root line. The sylist need not wear gloves during the application unless there is a skin abrasion or previous experience with skin sensitivity.

Hair and scalp are always shampooed prior to the application on New Era 2000 Relaxing Gel. During the processing of the relaxer, hair retains its clean, fresh smell. There is never an unpleasant odor. When removing the curl from the regrowth area on hair that has been previously relaxed with New Era 2000 Acid Balanced Clear Gel Hair Relaxer, there is no danger if the gel overlaps the previously relaxed hair.
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