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Care Free Curl Snap Back Curl Restorer 8 Oz

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Vendor: Soft Sheen-Carson
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About the product

Care Free Curl Snapback reduces dryness and frizziness Great for natural hair we believe in beauty without compromise. Apply Snap Back to palm.


Hair Type: Curly, Wavy, All

Liquid Volume: 8 Fluid Ounces

Item Form: Cream

Brand: Soft-Sheen Carson




Dryness and frizziness are reduced with the Care Free Curl Snapback. We believe in beauty without compromise. Thus this is ideal for natural hair. Snap Back is applied on the palm.


Exclusively developed to assist prevent hair breakage while offering "round-the-clock" moisture management without excessive wetness for today's "Dry Curl" style. Excellent for natural styles and body waves. 




  • Shampoo your hair with caution. Curl Conditioning Shampoo is complimentary. Repeat the process.


  • Apply a moisturizer of your choice.


  • Apply Snap Returning to the palm. To evenly distribute, rub palms together and massage over hair.


  • Allow 5 minutes for hair to set before applying CARE-FREE CURL Instant Moisturizer and massaging it into the curls.


Features and Details


Bring back curls: After washing and conditioning, this Curl Restorer quickly restores snappy, bouncy curls while decreasing dryness and frizziness without adding additional moisture; ideal for natural hair.


Restore moisture: This Curl Restorer was created to restore the curls' integrity on wash day; it restores moisture and oils lost during shampooing and brings hair back to life.


Styling products: We manufacture a variety of products for curly hair, including moisture-sealing gels and leave-in sprays, revitalizing oils, pomades, creams, jars of butter, and protective edge savers.

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