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VELVET REMI Y 18 was created by professional craftsmen to be luxurious, useful, and elegant.

Key Features:

    1. It has a smooth and soft wave that tilts slightly with every movement.
    2. Even after several washes, the hair's slight natural curvature maintains its volume and attractiveness.
    3. The moisture sealed pre-colored hair is lustrous and easy to handle, making it ideal for daily use.


        1. Brush out all tangles before washing your hair
        2. Don’t brush if you have curly hair. Remove any tangles with a finger comb.
        3. Pour lukewarm water into a sink or a large container and add synthetic wig shampoo.
        4. Soak the wig in soapy water and gently wash it.
        5. Apply wig conditioner and let the fibre absorb it for a few minutes before rinsing properly.
        6. Squeeze the extra water out of the wig carefully. The wig should not be rubbed or twisted.
        7. Using a clean towel, pat dry.
        8. Hang the wig to air dry on a wig stand.
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