One of the hardest things about adjusting to the Covid crisis is not being able to go to all of our favorite places as freely as we used to. For me, one place I really miss visiting is the spa. As part of my “self-care” regimen, I’ve always enjoyed taking a spa day every couple of months or so. It feels luxurious, it gives me the opportunity to check out and recharge and I always walk away feeling pampered and reenergized. Unfortunately, these days, many people just don’t feel comfortable sitting in a facial room for an hour without a mask.

With that said, who wants to give up spa day? Well don’t despair. Just because we can’t go to the spa doesn’t mean we can’t create a home spa ourselves. Let’s look at some ways we can treat ourselves to a luxury spa experience from the comfort and safety of our own home.

Start with scheduling

One of the most luxurious elements of spa day is the alone time we get to experience.  So, choose a day or night when you know your spouse and children will be out of the house.  Block out your schedule, turn off your phone, close the shades and make yourself unavailable.  You’re about to have a home spa day.

Coordinate your spa services

I love booking my spa appointment, going through the menu of services and picking out how I’d like to be pampered for the day.  We can still do this.  Start by planning your services ahead of time.  Prepare the areas of your house that you are going to use by having your spa essentials and spa kit ready.  And don’t forget to have your relaxation area setup.  Here is a step by step at home spa day checklist you can follow:

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