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Clairol Basic White Lightener

The Basic White Powder Lighteners provide colorists with 3 choices for off-the-scalp blonding services. Basic White powders give you ultimate creative control over the lightening process.

  • Basic white powder lightener

  • BW2 dedusted powder lightener
  • BW2000 dust free ultra concentrated

The lightening family trusted and preferred by more salon professionals!

Extra-strength powder lightener provides balanced lightening for healthier-looking highlights. With results and that are predictable and quick.

 BW2 Powder Lightener

An extra-strength powder lightener dedusted to minimize powder fly-away. Lets you create a full range of subtle-to-dramatic off-the-scalp lightening services.

Basic White Powder Lightener

Our extra-strength powder lightener gives you control over the lightening process so you can create healthy-looking highlights and special effects.

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