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Made with organic Monoid de Tahiti, this natural cocktail of Coconut Oil and Vitamin E delivers antioxidants that replenish and rejuvenate dry brittle hair and reduce split ends. Jojoba Monoid Hair Milk leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable. Lightweight styling companion that softens and smoothes hair, while reducing frizz. Hydrates and strengthens hair as a daily leave-in moisturizer. COCO Shea Berry Moisture Milk is a lightweight styling companion to soften and smooth hair. Reduces frizz. COCO Shea Berry Moisture Milk can be used as a daily leave-in moisturizer.

  • Eden Bodyworks - No1 natural hair care retailer in the United States
  • As seen on TV - a naturally invigorating blend that leaves your hair and scalp healthier and fresher than ever before
  • Featuring all natural COCONUT OIL - the best hair care product on the market
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