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Whether you’re on-the-go, don’t have access to a shower or are caring for someone with limited mobility, it’s important to use an effective conditioner that leaves hair soft and easy to manage! CleanLife Products No-Rinse Hair Conditioner provides the convenience of a conditioner packed into one convenient 8 oz bottle. It can be rinsed like any traditional conditioner as well!

No-Rinse Hair Conditioner is the perfect product for those with limited mobility, are bedridden or on-the-go. A ready-to-use conditioner, simply apply then massage into the hair, comb and style for soft, manageable hair. One quick application eliminates snarls and tangles without leaving any greasiness. An alcohol-free solution prevents any excessive dryness from occurring as well. In just a few, short minutes, your hair will feel refreshed and rejuvenated with our No-Rinse Hair Conditioner!

  • NEW 2021 DESIGN: Packaging may vary
  • CONVENIENT AS CAN BE: Use when there is no shower access or while caring for someone with limited mobility with absolutely no rinsing required
  • EASY TO USE: Immediately after shampooing, apply a small amount to lightly towel-dried hair; massage, comb through, towel dry and style
  • PERFECT COMPLIMENT: A wonderful finish for any shampoo. Provides silkiness, softness and luster
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY: Instantly eliminates snarls and tangles while leaving hair soft and easy to manage. No alcohol means no dryness
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