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Exclusively formulated for the dry curl style to help prevent hair breakage while providing round-the-clock moisture control without excess wetness.


Hair Type: Curly

Item Form: Cream

Brand: Carefree

Liquid Volume: 32 Fluid ounces




Ammonium thioglycolate is a unique crème conditioning composition that helps restructure the hair's chemical connections. - Straightens effectively and is simple to apply and rinse - Smoothes the hair. Care Free Curl Gold restores curls, smooths hair, and adds luster in one simple action. Hair feels silkier and more alive, never oily or stiff.


Caring for SOFT SHEEN/CARSON, INC Free curl Rearranger, maximum strength, repositions the chemical connections in the hair. Straightens well and leaves hair silky, and is simple to apply and rinse, only for professional usage. It is a concern. Curl Rearranger freely is a regular, unique crème conditioning formulation of Ammonium thioglycolate, allowing the hair's chemical links to be rearranged.




  • Using 1/2 inch sub-partings, apply a generous amount of Care Free Curl Chemical Rearranger to the entire hair shaft, starting ¼ inch from the scalp and working out through the ends.


  • Moving clockwise, complete the remaining three quarters in the same manner.


Features and Details


  • Unique creme conditioning formulation of ammonium thioglycolate, which provides rearrangement of the chemical bonds of the hair.


  • Easy to apply and rinse, straightens effectively and leaves hair smooth.


  • Excellent for body waves and natural styles
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