Kiss Power File Deluxe 16Pcs System

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    Kiss Power File Deluxe 15Pcs System
    All You Need for Salon Quality Manicures & Pedicures
    Ergonomic Design for Better Control

    12 Interchangeable Attachments to Shape, Clean, Polish Nails and Soften Skin.
    Large & Small Coarse Grit Disc-Reduces length of nail tips and overlays, and smoothes hardened areas of feet
    Small & Large Medium Grit Disc-Reduces length of natural and artificial nails
    Fine Grit Barrel File-Gently reduces rideges on the surface of the nail
    Medium Grit Barrel File-For more advanced acrylic overlay fills, drills out white smile line for a back fill
    Detail Cone-safely cleans underneath very short nails, removes excess product from sculptured acrylic overlays
    Pointed Detail Cone-Precisely cleans cuticle area and underneath sculptured acrylic overlays
    Precision Tool-For more detailed surface filling and gentle cuticle exfoliation
    Cone Shaped File-eliminates rough skin and calluses
    Emery Disc-reduces the length of natural nails and reduces hairdened, thickened toenails
    Polishing Disc-buffs and shines nails
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